"Following The Rainbow" lyrics - STRAWBS

"Following The Rainbow"

Red tears of deepest sorrow
Will flow until tomorrow
The sun sets in the West
And nights grow cold

I'm following the rainbow
'Till I find a pot of gold

The orange blossom falling
And the sound of people calling
Will last a million years
So I have been told

Yellow flowers in the morning
Will blossom in a warning
The river bursts its banks
Unless controlled

Green trees upon the mountain
And a ripple of a fountain
A silver kiss at night
And love was sold

The blue moon sends a shiver
Of light across the River
There's nothing left but space
For men to hold

An indigo confusion
Is the sign of man's delusion
The searing heat
Turns matter into mould

The violet robes of morning
Will surely bring a warning
To everyone around
Who's growing old