"Queen Of Dreams" lyrics - STRAWBS

"Queen Of Dreams"

Spoke the Queen of Dreams, I was Lord of the Forest
Walked within her paths, sheltered within her bowers
Pine needles for my pillow, the dove my only true friend
I was Lord of the Forest.

Spoke the Queen of Souls, I was Lord of the Ocean
Swam beneath her waves, sheltered within her shipwrecks
Precious gifts I bring you from rusting hulls of the deep
I was Lord of the Ocean.

Spoke the Queen of Heads, I was Lord of the Mountains
Scaled her highest peaks, sheltered within her valleys
Climb high upon my shoulders, I will show you the world
I was Lord of the Mountains.

I had no head for heights but close my eyes to make the climb
Oh Queen of Dreams
Oh Queen of Souls
Oh Queen of Heads
It's time.