"The Promised Land" lyrics - STRAWBS

"The Promised Land"

It was early in the morning and our ship was still at sea
With a lifetime far behind us, we were free
We had strong hearts and a faith in our good Lord's guiding hands
The mist before us cleared and we saw the promised land.

With our brothers and our sisters, we soon forged into the land
Building towns and cities far beyond our dreams
As the tree which reaches to the sky, the child who learns to stand
So we had men of vision to create the promised land.

But the vision soon became one man's view of wealth and fame
And the gun became what wisdom used to be
So the struggle had begun which has never yet been won
Hear the people, hear them saying: 'Are we free?'.

So God bless you, my promised land, let nothing you dismay
For the hand that guides our fortunes has strange ways
And when the fight is over and the judgment is at hand
Please don't forget our brothers, far beyond the promised land.