"Through Aphrodite's Eyes" lyrics - STRAWBS

"Through Aphrodite's Eyes"

There's a young man who sings to the wilderness moon
And his song of lament bears a harrowing tune
There are dreams to be treasured when moments arise
Through Aphrodite's eyes.

She was born on the blood of the foam on the sea
Instilled with the grace of a flowering tree
He appeared as a saint but she read his disguise
Through Aphrodite's eyes.

There were moments of peace as they lay in the sun
And the cypress trees signalled the battle was won
Nurtured by truth, she considered her prize
Through Aphrodite's eyes.

While his manner of speech spoke of total neglect
She sought her revenge for his lack of respect
He confessed to his sins as she feigned her surprise
Through Aphrodite's eyes.

Tortured by love, he wept as she smiled
Led to believe that she carried his child
Condemned was the victim, she grew to despise
Through Aphrodite's eyes.