"Easy Goes It" lyrics - TANK AND THE BANGAS

"Easy Goes It"
(Albert Allenback / Tarriona 'Tank' Ball / Lalah Hathaway / Joe Johnson / Joshua Johnson)
feat. Lalah Hathaway

[Verse: Lalah Hathaway]
If you were mine
I would grow you a flower
A flower and name it "Our" or "Ours"
I would raise you a son
Or raise your sun
I'd grow you a planet or birth a moon
Create the hottest June
And the warmest month
I'd sing you a Lalah
Write you a Stevie
Play a Herby
Draw you a movie (Oh-oh)
In morning, I watch you change the bulb in the sun
You gather every single cloud from the sky (Oh-oh, oh, oh-oh)
And squeeze the water to make me a bath
I watch hang the mold and gaze
My eyes are a lazy chrysanthemum
I made myself a rainbow for you
I have shined you a sun
I have stolen you a sky
Created mountains, drunk a hurricane, and burned an entire forest
I've done impossible things, yet you still don't see me
Said "I was in the way, that I shined in your way"
And I thought I was staring
Admiring you, but that irritated and intimidated you and
I didn't have directions on how not to shine
Blamed me when I didn't stay
And shamed me for not leaving
You unimpressed and indirect, don't you see?
I've made a mess of me trying to love you

You know what you should call that bitch?
Easy goes it