"Why Try" lyrics - TANK AND THE BANGAS

"Why Try"

Flowers, just because it's Monday
Raindrops falling only one way
Showers (Showers), clouds ain't smiling always
Bus stop (Bus stop), can you take me his way?

Why try? (Try)
Why lie?
Oh, why try?
Oh, why lie?

Sidewalks, take forever somedays (Woo, woo!)
Driving (Driving), cruising down the freeway
Maybe (Maybe), I could take the L train (Yeah)
Baby, why you act so funny?

Why try? (Why, baby? Why do I try?)
Why lie? (Oh, why I've seen you burning, baby?)
Oh, why try? (And I know, hey)
Oh, why lie? (Oh, why I'm trying?)

I know you see me calling when you're stalling (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
Wondering, did you even read my text today? (Ooh, ooh, ooh)
St. Tropez like dreams, so why you playing?
Got Inner City Blues like Marvin Gaye (Gaye)
Oh, you know I'm trying, baby!

Modest, why be when you can't stay? (You can't even stay, girl)
Lately, you been actin' shady
Tell me, why you do me that way? (Tell me)
Bus stop (Bus stop), gotta ticket one way

Why try? (Why lie?)
Why lie? (Why, why, why?)
Oh, why try? (You know it, hey)
Oh, why lie? (You know it, why lie?)
Why try? (Why, why?)
Why lie? (Oh, you know)
Oh, why try? (Our love is gone now)
Oh, why lie? (Our love is gone now)
Why try? (I would never do that to my baby)
Why lie? (I would never do that to my boy)
Why try? (I'm driving halfway around the town to get to you)
Why lie?