"Human" lyrics - TANK AND THE BANGAS


You are
You are

You are very, very important and very special
Though your body was made especially extravagant, it's like you're extra human

For you are a force of skin & nails & heart
A walking Monet, you're breathing art

Did you know: that it takes the interaction of about...
72 different muscles just to produce human speech?

Relative to size, the strongest muscle in your body is the tongue
I wonder where that fact was created from
Seeing as though it is the weapons in our mouths do the most damage
To the ones we say that we love

Did you know: that the human brain, contains over 100 billion nerve cells?
So even if your little nephew is acting like he vacation's in hell
You should play with him

I'm sure your attention won't 'cause a deficient amount of nerve cells

Us women...
We blink like nearly twice as much as these men, so keep looking
For she will notice you, it may take her a little longer
But she's got to

The average human heart will beat over 100 million times in one lifetime
I'm sure you'll find someone who won't mind skipping one for you

The left lung is made smaller than the right lung
To make room for that very heart inside of you
And your stomach needs to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks
So it won't digest itself

Don't you ever become complicit
Or live your life on someone's shelf
There is a reason for every limb and interaction
Body, it's like God created me like an instrument

Every year, about 98% of your atoms are replaced
You were born
Like born with 300 bones
And when you get to be an adult you'll only have 206

You need to grow up
You need to grow out of things
When something doesn't belong, even your body knows when it's time for that thing to be

Gotta get over it
Gotta keep on livin'
To many more interesting lessons

15, 15, 15, 15, 15

15 million blood cells are
Destroyed in a human body every second
If your body can get over it
You can get over that last relationship

Gotta believe in your body
Gotta believe in luck
The surface of human skin consists of 25 square feet so toughen up

Your body contains enough iron to make a 3 inch nail
Sulfur to kill fleas on the average dog
Carbon, carbon to make about 500 pencils
And enough water to fill a 10 gallon tank

Forget any superhero that existed before you
You my love, are human

You're incredible, and valuable
You're a life force. A life force?
You're a life force. A life force

You're creatively creative, like
Handmade like praying
You piece of the creator

You human

You never knew that there was enough to be
You never knew there was enough to be
You obviously don't know
A thing