"Walmart" lyrics - TANK AND THE BANGAS


Attention Walmart shoppers!
Everything in the entire store is free
But everything in the store is also damaged
Please, shop at your own risk

So, I guess you can say that I kind of knew what I was buying
I saw you on aisle four, damn, you were everything broken and beautiful
And I just knew that you would go so well with the furniture in my heart
Now I ain't read your warning label
I knew you had a piece missing and hazardous things that I could swallow, like my pride
But I was okay, you were on sale, and you were stunning
I could already see you matching with the art in my heart
The painting of the mind in my living room, the tile will match so well with your skin
I could see myself throwing out that old couch me and my ex used to sit on
You would fit so perfectly in his place
I was ready to make space, for you

As I stroll through the walkway, I could hear pieces of your honestly drop on the floor, I kept walking
I overheard your voice on another aisle, so that let me know that you were communicating with someone else
So, I guess we not communicating
I often wondered how so many pieces of you were missing and you were just as heavy as the first day
When I picked you up off that shelf, I think it's because when I picked you up
I think it's because when I picked you up, I put down myself
I often wondered
I wondered
How I could allow the same person that made me feel like I was invincible to treat me like I was invisible
I was so vulnerable in your aisle four
Willing to buy a damaged merchandise just to claim that you're mine
And you're mine alone, you're broken and beautiful, torn painting and here I am making sure I am beautiful in a board just to frame it
I need to go back to aisle four
There is a piece of this mirror that my mama gave me
I think I left it and picked up you

Self-reflection should never be confused with who is looking at you
I should have left you where I saw you but who was I to judge the store in which I was shopping
So, should I check the customer on what she was buying
I walked up to your register 'cause I was about to check you out
The cashier was your brother
He told me of all your shit
Told me I couldn't exchange you for another
So, I'm sorry, it's my fault
I walked into your Walmart full of explosives, half notes, and torn notebooks
I put my money on the counter, and I believe I purchased a beautiful sandstorm
I thank God
I thank God
I thank God that I kept my receipt

Walmart and K-mart what happened to us?
Missing your heartbeat, guess she took your trust
Receipts keep coming, needed your love
Brought it back, you got a crack in your heart pot

I need a manager to customer service for a return
A manager to customer service for a return
Thank you