"14K" lyrics - TEENA MARIE


["Top Gun" soundtrack]

Well I've been running with the night
Trying to find the treasure and it's just beyond the light
Go with the flow
How many beats per measure will determine where we go

We don't need no Mercedes
We don't need no Cadillac
We don't need no harley baby
To put us on the right track

Though I know my world may change
It's all in fun and games
And I know adventure is just the way to live
I've got to let the gypsy dance
Forget about the past
One answer to the question asked
What's at the end of the rainbow?
At the end of every rainbow there's a pot of that 14k
Golden lovely shine for me today
Everybody get up
It's beautiful today

Well I've been talking to the moon
kismet but it always ends too soon
perhaps by choice
I like to feel the magic
Can't you hear it in my voice

We don't need no steam roller
We don't even need a jet
We don't need no rapid transit
To show us where it's at

[Chorus 4x]

Stay golden shine for me today

We're going on a treasure hunt
Care to come along?
Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and a list of jewels this long
It could be so adventurous
Listen what I say
14 k-14 k-14 k-14 k
Golden shining nuggets
Shine for you and me baby
Come and take my hand
What you say-
14 k