"La Dona (Intro)" lyrics - TEENA MARIE

"La Dona (Intro)"

[Knock on door]

Ricardo they're knocking at the door

Yeah I got it
What's up,
What's the business?

(Man at the door)
Huh, what's the business?
The business is that I'm here to pick up La Dona
Man, We need her now

Uh huh, right
Lemme get her
Rosario, where's Ma T?

She's getting ready
but I'm already ready

Pfft... Hold on...

Ma ma, promitzo

Ma T they're waiting on you

[Ma T:]
Yeah? Let 'em wait.

Ma ma, am I going?
Tickets, tickets, tickets

It's time to reclaim what's yours
Reclaim your throne ma
Reclaim your throne

[Ma T:]
Reclaim my throne?
Reclaim what is mine
What is mine
But I'm not gon' do it for me
I'm gonna do it for
La Familia
Ricardo, take your sister
Francheska to the car

Ah, fighting temptation
Take us to Beyonce
With Jay-z
Mama, E' Promitzo
E' Promitzo
Hey ma ma
La Dona for life