"Passion Play" lyrics - TEENA MARIE

"Passion Play"

I've loved you from a distance
A mighty long long time baby
I've secretly absorbed you
Mentally explored you
Sexually imagined what you'd be like baby
Late at night I've acted out the fantasy
Of what it would be like to hold you close to me
Dramatizing every move - it's scandalous
The things we'd like to do - just us

Stay awhile why don't you stay and play
And let me make - I've got to make -
I want to make a passion play
Play while - my darling stay awhile -
I'm gonna bust a move on you
I want to make - just let me make a passion play
Awhile - darling stay awhile -
you know I know just what to do

We'll do it so discreetly
And no one has to know - say yes oh please
Cause I have a deep affection
A bitter sweet collection
A pleasure chest of treasures that I've save for you
I've acted out each passion play they thrill me so
Sometimes I get so caught up that I can't let go
Dramatizing every move is paradise
The things we like to do is the fire and ice


Play awhile ooh my darling stay awhile
I don't know what to do
I'm so in love with you
Stay awhile ooh my darling play awhile
Make a passion play - stay

Shake it on up - shake it on down - shake it on up
Shake it on up - shake it on down - shake it on up