"Karate Schnitzel" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"Karate Schnitzel"

[JB:] God, I'm fuckin' hungry. Let me check the fridge... Dude, where's my fuckin'
Schnitzel? Hey, wake up. Wake up you asshole, wake up.
[KG:] Whahahat? Wh?
[JB:] Wake up.
[KG:] What?
[JB:] You ate my fuckin' schnitzel.
[KG:] What?
[JB:] You ate my fuckin' schnitzel.
[KG:] Well it was in there. If you put it in there, then it's fair game.
[JB:] Yeah?
[KG:] For anybody that wants to eat it.
[JB:] Well then maybe this is fair game. WOW!
[KG:] Ow God, Hey!
[JB:] Yeah, that's right it's a karate chop!
[KG:] What're ya doin'?
[JB:] Well if you didn't like that, how 'bout this? KIKAY!
[KG:] OW!