"Pat Riley" lyrics - TENACIOUS D

"Pat Riley"

You know a lot of times when me and Kage sit down to write a song
The ideas blast forth bleeding together like wine
Now only once every hundred years or so
Does there come a duo with a power to change music

So re-co-cord-en
And pa-pa-pardon
Pardon my aim
The music is beautiful but so is the lyrics
That's why we got to say way to be
Way to be!
Ben Vereen was a Raging Queen
But he rocked the house in Pippin, so come on
Way to be

Kyle's giving guitar lessons now
Rocking guitar, reasonable rates
But seriously folks
He's teaching guitar

There was a man with a plan and his name was Pat Riley
He roused the troops and he said come on Mighty D
He professed to rock The D
Join hands, make plans
Peter Pan, it's a Caravan!
Way to be

And with a clean block shot and a D Rebound
Secret to the Magic of Life we've found
We got to count on D to be, and
We got to count on D to be, and
We got to count on D to be