"Herc Yardman Word" lyrics - TERMINATOR X

"Herc Yardman Word"
(C. Campbell / Norman Lee Rogers)
feat. DJ cool Herc

People, check out the new stuff!
[Chuck D:] Back, on the scene...
Sixteen super hits
That's what we talkin about...
(Don't give me no heart attack)
... talkin bout hittin them skins!
[Whodini:] My man
Terminator X... and the God-and-the-God
And the Godfathers of Threatt, live

[DJ cool Herc:]
Like the great mesiah Marcus Garvey say
Black people never know themself until their back against the wall
Some will rise and some will fall
Because you never know yourself until you back against the wall
This is ours, we gotta take it
Sounds of oppression
Sounds so high you can't get over it
Sounds so low you can't get under it
In other words... we who with it, huh?
I'm goin straight back tah Yard, a place called Jamaica
With Bonnie, we grow
And also all de Yardman all de massive
This is de Yardman who started de hip-hop movement
Still AGAIN, we all brothers and sisters no matter where we are
We under one flag, eh?