"Herc's Message" lyrics - TERMINATOR X

"Herc's Message"
(C. Campbell / Norman Lee Rogers)
feat. DJ cool Herc

Yes indeed y'all, this is DJ cool Herc
Once again, comin at cha
Lettin you know it's a great inspiration right now goin through me
Bein on the wax right now
What we gotta do out there is big up ourself
Lift up ourself
Don't kick another man down, you know, help somebody up
It's hip to be square
Stop gettin locked down, why'know
Forget about the forty and the fuckin blunts
You can't see straight if you got them things in you
Don't need no guns, we could build our neighborhood
And keep it, why'know
Forget about the drugs, it ain't goin that way no more
Gotta wake up, it's a helluva road goin down that way, why'know
Kids if ya see ya doin it, won't respect you
What can you tell em, can you teach em
More than you bein example
Of what the horrors you're gonna come into, when you do it
And once again, hip-hop, black gold ghetto stable ours
People over there, in England, our UK brothers
I like that sound y'all put down a lot
But hip-hop is worldwide now
And those who knockin it, keep on knockin it
'Cause you gonna think about us, but we not thinkin about you
That's good enough for me, rock on New York City
DJ cool Herc, the Godfather of hip-hop
I'm outta here...