"Salivation" lyrics - TERRY ALLEN


From the wrong side of nothin'
To the right side of gone
He left 'em all reelin
With his white bucks on
And headed out west
Cross road to the bone
With the beat of his heart
And the radio on
Got the fire in his blood
Snake on his tongue
Knows the BIG BOY's a commin
Better bust 'em up an run
Spaceships and monkeys
Evolution and booze
Bar maids and pistols
Salivation and fools
Highways and tent shows
Cities and towns.
Love's just a crapshoot
Lay your money down
Yeah everything's over
Like it all just begun
That big boy's a commin
Better bust 'em up an run
Yeah slick-backed his hair
Dry cleaned his robes
Delivered his predictions
Like the prophets of old
How the blood of the lamb
From the sheep from the fold
Rise up in a flood
An wash away your souls
And the Devil's just grinnin
At the thought of the fun
Of that BIG BOY a commin
Better bust 'em up an run
Real estate and junkies
Cancers and art
Homos and hetros
Together and apart
Computers and skinheads
Life after death
Hold on to the good book
But don't hold your breath
Yeah it's already over
The end just begun
Ah the big boy's a commin
Better bust 'em up an run
With his head in the city
And his heart out of town
He preached on the corners
Of it all commin down
Grab hold to your children
Gather your pets
He been here before
But you ain't seen nothin' yet
Gonna light up your world
Let her burn till she done
Yeah BIG BOYs a commin
Better bust cm up an run
New age and the news
Porno and childcare
Arabs and jews
Murder and weather
Husbands andwives
Might be the last day
Of the rest of your lives
Ah the dice are rollin'
And that train's commin on
Yeah the big boys a commin
Better bust 'em up an run
Duck talking to the sky.
Hello Daddy
Hello Momma
Hello old friends
Angels of the mystery
Flying out flying in
There ain't no way
That's the way it goes
And heaven is just an adjustment
That moves on down the road