"Southern Comfort" lyrics - TERRY ALLEN

"Southern Comfort"

When Jesus saves the world
Where will you be?
Out on the lonesome plains o Texas
Or the shores of the Galilee
When Jesus Saves the World
Which he will surely do
It don't matter where you are
He's gonna bring his wrath on you
Ah-um Mississippi Ah-um Alabama
Ah-um Louisiana Ah-um Nashville
When Jesus Saves the world
And tallies up the toll
For ever one he sends to Glory
Be a billion burn below
When Jesus Saves the world
He'll be looking right straight at you
An ever sin you ever did
Gonna stick out clear and true
Ah-um Carolinas Ah-um Atlanta Georgia
Ah-um Miami Florida Ah-um New Orleans
When Jesus Saves the world
You're either on or off the track
There ain't no reincarnation
You won't be commin back
When Jesus Saves the world
Your loved ones will be gone
You'll have to face his awful judgment
Stark naked all alone
Ah-um Oh Virginia Ah-um Oklahoma
Ah-um Arkansas Ah-um Abilene
When Jesus Saves the world
All time will stop with sin
And nothin' will be mysterious
It'll all just be The End
When Jesus Saves the world
He will kill it too
And the righteous will rise to Glory
What a comfort to me and you