"If I Just Knew What To Say" lyrics - THE AMAZING RHYTHM ACES

"If I Just Knew What To Say"

Since you've gone the weather's turned much warmer
There's really not enough for me to tell
Not much work here and I've lost a pound or two
Losin' things is one thing I do well
And I'd miss you if I knew what I was missin'
And I'd call for you if I just knew what to say

I'm still drinkin' gin when I can buy it
I sure bought a lot of it today
I still never win but I'd love to try it
I'd still take you back if you would stay
Oh you'd do it if you knew what you were doin'
And I'd tell you if I just knew what to say

But I'm not doin' as bad as it might seem, love
Even though I'm slippin' I won't fall
Sometimes you're the last thing I would dream of
Sometimes you're the only thing that I want