"Typical American Boy" lyrics - THE AMAZING RHYTHM ACES

"Typical American Boy"

You're a typical American boy from a typical American home
Started out with a couple of breaks you couldn't leave well enough alone
You had to keep on messing around with stuff you didn't understand
You were miserable as a child and you're even worse as a man
Didn't make it hanging around the house you wasn't having very much fun
Should have got a job in New Jersey
But you're a play piece son of a gun

You drifted into the city looking for something to do
Every day was different and it was always something new
You were always ready to try something that you aint tried
Pretty soon your mind said "Son you better look for a place to hide"
You didn't do to well in college, didn't dig the intellectual scene
Never soaked up very much knowledge so you thought about joining the marines
Oh that stuff didn't last too long and you never learned how to fight
But you sure learned how to get right tonight.

You seemed to have lost direction, wandered from bar to bar
Everybody in the whole damn place is wondering who you are
I believe you would go on home if you had any place to go
But there aint nobody waiting for you that you would even care to know
If you spoke the language you could move to a foreign land
But people talk to you in English here and you still don't understand
Oh baby all right. But you sure know how to get right tonight.
Yes out of the darkness you follow that neon light
And you sure know how to get right tonight.
Oh baby all right. You sure know how to get right tonight.