"Do You Party?" lyrics - THE AMITY AFFLICTION

"Do You Party?"

Party! All night! Party!
Why the fuck should we change how we behave
Because you thought it would work better that way?
And who the fuck told you
That you should speak up about how it is we act
About who the fuck we are
When we don't cast our eyes your way?
And who the fuck are you anyway?

We're no one and we still feel right at home
We're no one and we're still just passing time
To kill the time, to kill the boredom
Who the fuck can say what we should do?

We drink till we drop and we'll drink till we die
We're not here for a long time
We're not here to help your night
We're not here to set shit right

We're just here for a good time
And friends are our own friends
And our own are our only
And tonight is the last night

And fuck you for thinking you could ever set us right
Who are you anyway to think you could change us?
Tonight is our own night
Tonight is our only
We're lonely, we're wasted