"I Heart Roberts'" lyrics - THE AMITY AFFLICTION

"I Heart Roberts'"
feat. Helmet Roberts

We dance to this dead beat
With eyes locked on the prize
This is our fatal disease
Named you and me

It's killing us all
Won't you set it free?
I'll hang you on the wall
And call you misery

So here's to you and here's to us
To everything that ever fell apart
Nights wasted getting wasted
Days we lost to our mistakes

So we'll never be lost till we're all alone
And we'll never be wrong till we're on our own
So wake up and we'll drink for two again
And we'll never be right till we read our wrongs

And we'll never be done with these same old songs
So wake up we'll wait for you again (again)
Like frozen appendages in boiling water
We're going to extremes and not getting warmer

So hold your breath and I'll do the same
Are we just holding back those words we couldn't say?
So hold your breath, I'll do the same
Are we just holding back those words we...

I'll take the blame for your heart attack
And we'll sever these ties with a fucking pact
Through blood, we share the world
It's anybody's guess where we'll end up

Our lives are just a fucking mess and we're sinking
He lays himself to rest
Even though he's making perfect sense
His story goes untold
I read his words to see the end unfold