"240 Years Before Your Time" lyrics - THE BLACK KEYS

"240 Years Before Your Time"
(Dan Auerbach / Patrick Carney)

"But there is one voice that has never been heard before: the voice of old Mister World himself, the way he might sound if he could speak to us in our own language. Mister World, how was this wonderful orderly Earth of ours formed in the first place, and how long has it been going on?"

"I am the Earth, the planet you call home... Scientists believe I am at least four and a half billion years old."

"(...) Jacksonville will leave tomorrow morning at 9:30 in the parking lot. We will be gone most of the day. You will take a lunch with us and I understand, uh, there will be three or four cars going."

"Scientists say some of us will learn to live on the moon."