"Countdown" lyrics - THE BLACK KEYS

(Dan Auerbach / Patrick Carney)

Well it's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,9
Countdown times I tried to
Make you mine, crying out
Crying Out
Countdown times I tried to
Tried to make you mine

Well my heart goes out to him in time in need, but you
Caused me pain for seven
Times you breathe
Crying out
Caused me pain
Every time you breathe

Well you said you loved till you
Took you home
But you
Stay out late always
Doing me wrong
Crying out
Staying out late always
And always doing
Always doing me wrong

So I'm leaving in the morning if I have to
Ride in blind
You stole my heart
But you can't take my mind
Crying out
Stole my heart but you
You can't take my mind

Well you stole my heart then you
Drove me mad
I got to
Get back home to my
Momma and dad
Crying out
Stole heart baby
Get back home to my
Get back home to my