"Melpomene" lyrics - THE DEAR HUNTER

(Gavin Castleton / Casey Crescenzo / Alex Dandino / The Dear Hunter)

Cold had I calloused
Walls were raised to bear the weight I'd not take
Too slow were my senses
Muted musings lost their way; disconnected
Only silence remained, holding my breath in the dark
Gasping for air with the lungs of a lark

So warm was your welcome; humble in its embrace
Tell me, just how did you save me;
Pull me up from the grave?
Though my youth did mislead, I would retreat to you
Right back to your arms with my spirit aglow
Where the pains of the past exit en masse; through you
Too lost when we part, with the lungs of a lark

I, far removed from myself, had denied what I lost when my heart had withdrawn to the fray
In a whimsical way, I would flee from the truth
I could bury in youth
You would have me, if I'd fallen again
Would you bring me back out of the dark, with my lungs of a lark?

Cold have I calloused, but these walls are coming down