"I Am The Sun, Pt. 2" lyrics - THE FLOWER KINGS

"I Am The Sun, Pt. 2"

Getting up in the early morning
Getting all my things together
I'm leaving today
Gonna make my breakfast tea
Gonna feed the birds and fishes
I'm sailing away
I may be a stray dog, mama, I never heard living soul
I may be a bit confused but my mind is as clear as ever
And I'm as free as a...FISH!!

I will get out in the open, I'll find a place in the summer
On mountains undone
I'm up for the wheels of wonder, I'm in for the cosmic drive
It's great being alive
I may be a baby elephant, step back or I'll step on your toes...
I'll be the atomic juggler, I'll pull up a missile up your nose...

Won't take a bite of your cake
Won't play with your baby snakes
I'll find my way out, thanks
Won't swim in your money pool
Won't be the domestic fool
I'm cool with NO rule
I may be the fuzzy dice but I won't burn my fingers twice...
I may be the 7th wonder, wake up!! Don't put me on ice...