"Slave To Money" lyrics - THE FLOWER KINGS

"Slave To Money"

I know it open doors, carry the weight, so many values still left to define
Once on the factory floor, invisible ball and chain will keep you to the grind
Do you believe in words like "equal rights"
The right to live a more than decent life
What is it's true, "the winner takes it all", you get what's left, you get no less no more.

In the beginning man learnt all the tricks of trade
The race has just begun, melted the golden beast
To marks and pennies, earning them empires in the sun
Do you believe the keyword is possess and once you're in there is no turning back
What if it's true - it spreads like a disease- from the royal mansion to the ghetto shack...
I am the bank of time!! Display some fallen empires, cracks along the line
I've seen the greatest fall!! I'd say the western world will need a new design...!!!

Out of the west, out of the real, you need the suit to cut the deal
You shave so close, you shave so clean, don't cut, revealing something obscene!

High profile going, high time alone, you get your kicks, you're on the phone
Don't get involved, no time for help, you're passionate in love with all your "geld"
The days of progress, when they are gone, then looking back, days in the sun
Did you have someone you called your friend, or were they all associates?
God may look at what we've done, knowing well we're the ugly ones

Some may have blisters, well on their feet, some broken elbows, some twisted knees
Now being used up, now being used, isn't it time we all pay our dues??
God may look at what we've done, knowing well we're the ugly ones

I'm a slave to love and money, now the goals might all be honey
You're the teacher, I"m the preacher learning from my past mistakes