"Reunion In Heaven" lyrics - THE FOGGY MOUNTAIN BOYS

"Reunion In Heaven"

So often down here we'll have a reunion
Our loved ones and friends will be gathered around
Some faces are missed they have gone home to heaven
They will be there with Jesus till the trumpet shall sound

What a wonderful time we'll have up in glory
With our blessed redeemer forever we'll see
And a crown he will give on that great judgement morning
What a happy reunion in heaven will be


No crepes on the door in that beautiful city no sorrow or pain never more over there
But a body we'll have in the Saviour's own likeness
And a mansion Jesus said he would go to prepare
What a wonderful time...

I am longing to sit on the banks of that river
There's rest for the weary neath the evergreen trees
I am longing to look in the face of my savior
And my loved ones who are gone there are waiting for me