"Like No Other Man" lyrics - THE HELLACOPTERS

"Like No Other Man"

Since I left I've been gone so long & I can't turn back
I don't miss what I never had or what I lack
Hard to hit a shot from the hip hot steamin' lead
I'm thru' getting fucked and giving head

Hellbound - gimme one more round
I can take a stand - you know I'm damned
Like no other man

I'm tired so sick & tired of breakin' down
Won't be no one here to greet you when you come around
Crossroads alleys and empty streets
Burn my feet on the glow runnin' from the heat

Can't turn around
Burned my bridges down
Road of empty cans
Lost in a devil's dance

Can't find no rest keep on goin' and set my pace
Ain't no such thing called home there ain't no such place
I won't come around won't come around no more
You know as well as I the whole thing's a bore