"Where The Action Is" lyrics - THE HELLACOPTERS

"Where The Action Is"

Gotta get us some action
Dial zero - eight
Tired of bein' a nomad
We wanna stay up late
Runnin' down the subway
That's what we're gonna do
Hubert hook us up we're short on cash
But we'll make it up to you

'Cuz we're there - where the action is
Times I want is times like this
We're there where the action is
Getting away with no asses kissed
Getting high on the action bliss
We're there where the action is
It's a riot you can't miss
Bein' there where the action is

Going blind with the robots
And all the kids are sick
Getting rowdy by the fireside
With Lucifer and all his chicks
Helldorado is the place to hang
Same old song but it can't go wrong
It's just city slang

Four in the morning
But we don't give a fuck
Get the dice rollin'
First man to hundred damn I need some luck
Entombed in the backyard
Baby's gotta cough up phlegm
Second class intoxication
And 45 rpm