"Everyone Gets Crazy" lyrics - THE HIGHWAYMEN

"Everyone Gets Crazy"

[Waylon Jennings:]
Look here, is that you I see?
You sure seem down to me.
Would you like to tell it to a friend?
I can help if anyone can.
You know I understand.
Everyone gets crazy now and then.

[Johnny Cash:]
I know those empty nights get lonely.
Sometimes you feel like you're the only one,
To lose more then he wins.
Guess these troubled times get scary.
But that's just ordinary.
Everyone gets crazy now and then.

[Willie Nelson:]
And who can say they've never stumbled,
And never fallen to their knees?
Your dreams like castles when they crumble,
Well, I know what you mean,
And I know how hard it can seem.

[Kris Kristofferson:])
I get crazy just like you. Lost and lonely too.
Like some old flag left flyin' in the wind.
Time has taught me this for sure.
Time is the only cure.
All your blues will turn to gold again.
Oh, everyone gets crazy now and then.