"I Ain't Song" lyrics - THE HIGHWAYMEN

"I Ain't Song"

Clint Black's moved out to Hollyweird,
He's in love and that's a fact.
Done found hisself a movie star,
Gonna show him how to act.

You better grin, Kris, or I'll shoot ya.

Have you seen Tanya Tucker,
Hangin' in there, hangin' tough?
Heard Dolly Parton's still got,
Much more than enough.

But if you knew county ladies,
That I've seen go dancin' past.
Should forget about Madonna,
Before they blow their country class, now.

Travis Tritt's got all the talent,
At least it seems that way to me.
He's a little brash and cocky,
But he's got a right to be.

Billy Ray, he keeps right on dancin'
Out of tune and out of time.
He drives Bubbas up the wall,
And the girls out of their mind.

Livin' legends are a diein' breed,
And there ain't that many left.
To tell the truth, I ain't been feelin'
Real hot lately, my damn self.

I ain't old, and I ain't bitter,
I mad at anyone.
Hope you've taken seriously,
What I poked at you in fun.

If you've ever been to Nashville,
Then I think you might agree.
We've seen a lot of changes,
Things we never thought we'd see.

A rock-'n'-roller with a banjo,
Now that I might recall.
But a country singer with a briefcase,
Beats all I ever saw.

I mean, you ask us to swallow a line like, "I ain't mad at anyone"?
"I ain't old and I ain't bitter," I rest my goddam case.