"Aggravation" lyrics - THE KINKS


Life grinds on day after day.
In the city streets and motorways.
The tension spreads just like a plague,
Killing reason on the way.
Like wildfire it spreads through the nation
Chocking us with aggravation.

Who needs it? The aggravation the daily goddam hassle.
It's a bummer, who gives a dam?
Bumper to bumper in the traffic jam.
Clench your jaw, getting all up tight
Breathing fumes, stuck in a tin can,
Trapped, trapped.
Hate, frustration, no escape.
Glaring eyes all filled with hate.
Arteries throb, coronaries pound
Aggravation all around.
Like wildfire it spreads through the nation
Choking us with aggravation.
They won the peace, we lost the war.
So what are we still fighting for?
The highway's blocked, is this my end
To follow a Mercedes Benz?
Hey, Mitzibushi and Toyota, who said that the war was over?
Aggravations everywhere, get outta my way get out of my hair.
Another jam, another day, another hair is turning grey,
I wanna scream, I wanna say,
Get outta my hair, get out of my way
Who needs it? Aggravation, aggravation
Had enough of all this aggravation,
Tension choking up blocking my circulation.
I've had enough, I've had enough of all this aggravation.
While traffic jams and tempers break,
The city streets are full of hate,
The lights are red, it's all too late.
How much can a poor man take?

Aggravation in my mind my body and my soul
There's no solution to it all, it's out of control.
Out of control.
Is it my imagination, am I seeing what is true?
If we are living in damnation,
I'd live in hell to be with you, what more can I do?

I gotta violent streak caused by
We're getting uptight, wanna fight, everybody back bite
Now we can't turn back the future's bleak,
I gotta mean appetite,
I gotta get my daily fill of aggravation.
Don't push 'cos I'm really pumped,
I'm ready when you are, punk.

So step aside, unless your dumb,
I'm all wound up with aggravation.

Had enough of all this aggravation
Winding up, stress filled, mad intimidation.
And it touches all the passers-by.
As dog eats dog to stay alive,
Then moves on through the population,
Till there's mass contamination.
With violent streets all filled with fear,
Pollution in the atmosphere,
The ozone's gone and that's no fun
I've had enough of this, old son
Who needs it? Aggravation.
And I don't have any answers
I just got an attitude,
Do what it takes just to survive it,
Another day but I'll get through,
What more can I do?