"How Do I Get Close" lyrics - THE KINKS

"How Do I Get Close"

Living in a world where the flesh is cheap.
Body touches body but it's only skin deep.
I can hold you in my arms every time that you weep
But we've lost that emotional flow.
Living on a planet full of emptiness
With maximum exposure full of sleaziness
But the make up on your face can't disguise loneliness
Where designer feelings are in vogue, what do they know?

Darlin' Darlin' how do I get close to you when I'm
Trying, trying my heart is reaching out to you
How do I get close to you?
In this world without feeling,
Where words have no meaning,
If I were lying, lying,
I'd have more chance of reaching you but I'm,
Crying, crying, but I can't get my message through,
How do I get close to you?

Get close to the sinners trying hard to repent
Get close to the homeless wasters and the innocent
Get close to the souls ignored and forgotten by the
People get afraid to touch in case it rubs off on them
Gotta get close, yeah people gotta stay close, close.
People gotta stay close.

Though we seem together, it's breaking my heart.
This world is full of barriers that keep us apart.
Keep it superficial before feelings can start
In a world that's all glitter and glow, what do they know?

Darlin', darlin', I can't communicate to you without
Crying, crying, I can't get a message through
How do I get close to you?
How can I get close?
How can I get close?
Darlin', darlin', how do I get close to you when you're
Surviving surviving in a world that's making us confused
Guess I'm afraid of losing you.
In this world without feeling.
Somehow we gotta stay close.