"Flash's Dream (The Final Elbow)" lyrics - THE KINKS

"Flash's Dream (The Final Elbow)"

[Scene:] Mr. Black's army is closing in on Flash & The Spivs.
After a long day's campaigning Flash, having overindulged
The alcohol, has fallen asleep in his den.

Voice: Cooee. Cooee. Flash. Flash

[Flash:] Who is this?

Voice: Wake up Flash. Can you hear me Flash?

[Flash:] Who is this? Who dares to wake me from my slumber?

Voice: Need I announce myself? Am I such a stranger to you?

[Flash:] Say your name. Speak!

Voice: I am your soul.

[Flash:] My soul?

Voice: I have come to show you who you are.

[Flash:] Show me who I am? I know who I am you upstart! How
Dare you intrude.

Voice: You lied and schemed and took over a simple village and
Turned it into a vulgar playground for your own money-
Making ends. Before you came people lived simple lives.
This was a happy place. Then you ploughed up the fields,
Sold off the land and lined your own pockets with the profits.

[Flash:] Lies! Lies! I did it to help the nation

Voice: You did it for your own preservation!

[Flash:] No! No!

Voice: Prepare yourself Flash, there are many who suffered at your
Hands. They are craving for vengeance. Time is running out.

[Flash:] Can this be the end? Can this be the swan song? The final
Elbow? I will not go. The people need me.

Voice: Men like you will always come and go, but the people will go
On forever. Take one final look at the past Flash. Enjoy it,
Because you have no future.

[Flash:] No! No! No! I can't stand this.

Trumpets herald the final confrontation between Flash and himself.