"Back To Tennessee" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Back To Tennessee"
(Shelton Feazell / Carl Jackson)

Christmas Eve all alone
Thinking about the folks back home
Through the pines I hear that lonesome wind blow
Cider's hot, drink my fill
Red oak fire to break the chill
Thoughts of home reflected in my window

For several weeks the creek's been froze
Can't get out the roads are closed
It's been quite a spell of nasty weather
It's my favorite time of year
But home's a thousand miles from here
I wish so much that we were all together

I can see us 'round the Christmas tree
Snowflakes fallin', my heart's callin' me
Back to Tennessee

A blanket of new fallen snow
Has covered up the undergrowth
The mountainside is flowing in the moonlight
Though it's a picture perfect scene
I close my eyes and still I dream
Of being home in Tennessee tonight