"The Warmest Night Of The Year" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"The Warmest Night Of The Year"
(Gary Harrison / J.D. Martin)

Here we are on Christmas Eve
The weatherman says it could be
The coldest night since 1965
As we watch the fallin' snow
I feel the summer breezes blow
Here in your arms, it's so warm tonight

There's a light in your eyes
A look on your face
Like an ember in the fireplace
Forever flames that will never disappear
Outside the snow is piling up
But in this room when we touch
We're in love on the warmest night of the year

I drew a heart, I wrote our name
In the frost on the window pane
It smiled and said "It's so right with you"
Nothing to read between the lines
I can clearly see the signs
Leading down a road of love so true