"Don't Break The Code" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Don't Break The Code"
(Johanna Hall / John Hall)

The valley was green and the sun was bright
He asked if she'd like to go for a ride
They drove up to the river in the cool Oak trees
She reached out and gave his hand a squeeze
Suddenly they were in each others arms
The passion they felt was a four alarm
He loved her once, he loved her twice
But he should have listened to a friend's advice

Don't mess around with another man's wife
Step out of line you could lose your life
Stay on the straight and narrow road
Don't break the code

They drove back home when the sun went down
All the workers were headed out of town
Rushing to suppers and family nests
Relief from the fever time to rest
The lover's were slowly reluctant to part
Through the afternoon they'd given their hearts
She twisted her golden wedding ring
As they listened to the crickets sing

The gun was sprayed with a diamond bright shine
He polished it when he came home from the mine
He said I can protect and keep what's mine
A believer in Jesus and the ties that bind
He found them in bed he went out of his mind
Shot them both though the heart three times
The jury found only insanity
So his head stayed in prison but his body went free