"What Are You Doing In My Dream" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"What Are You Doing In My Dream"
(Steven R. Diamond / Roy Freeland / Bill Labounty)

There's a thunder crash when the trouble starts
And my plane begins to fall
And I hit the ground
But the crazy part is it doesn't hurt at all
And I can hear a horn
Up comes an automobile
When I open the door
Girl it's you at the wheel

What are you doing in my dream
I thought I gave you up a long time ago
Didn't you say you were leaving
For a dream of your own
What are you doing on my mind
You've got me dreaming us back together
Just when I thought I could make it dreaming alone

There's a big hotel by the water's edge
Where they gamble all night long
On a table top got my money spread
Can't believe the run I'm on
And I'm reaching for a card
It's the same every time
I draw the queen of hearts
She has tears in her eyes

I tried to shake you
I do the best that I can
Just when I think I've got a handle
For all of my plans
Here you come again