"G.I. Joe And Lillie" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"G.I. Joe And Lillie"
(Joe Bonsall)

He was a streetwise kid from Philly
Just 19 in '44
Joined up in Uncle's army
Hit the beach and fought a war
A decorated hero
He never talks about those days
Because of guys like G.I. Joe our country's free today

She was Woman's Army corp
Raised in Carolina dirt
Escorting wounded young men home
From a burning hell on Earth
The first time that she saw him
He was broken and alone
Lillie fell in love that day
When he winked and said Hello
And Lillie sang this song to G.I. Joe

Let me hold you in my arms handsome soldier
Take my hand for we are going home today
Let me kiss away your tears
Let me pray away your fears
I'll stay here with you
Till they carry us away

They married in the spring
All dressed up in army green
Took out a loan, bought a home
Raised a family
The war returned to G.I. Joe in 1965
The old wounds came back to haunt him
But Lillie's love kept him alive

Now they're living in a veteran's home
They've both grown old and gray
The medals earned so long ago
Now hang there in a case
Sometimes she finds him weeping
As he lay there in his bed
The distant sounds of battle
Still echo in his head
And Lillie sings this song to G.I. Joe

Some day they'll rest in Arlington
'Neath the red, the white and blue
Safe in the arms of Jesus
When their journey here is through
An American love story
Not unlike a lot of others
Except that G.I. Joe and Lillie
Is my father and my mother