"Glory Bound" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Glory Bound"
(Buzz Cason / Anthony Crawford)

Down by the river I'm left here to shiver
The one I was livin' with can't be found
Although I'm shakin'
My heart won't be breakin'
But there's no mistakin' I'm Glory bound
Let me her it now

Out on this highway
I'm gonna fly away
Off in the mountains I'll settle down
End of the rainbow
Might not contain gold
But thank God I do know
I'm Glory bound
Let me hear it now

Tho' I'm forsaken
My heart won't be breakin'
No one can take me that far down
I thought I knew her
I saw right through her
Hallelujah I'm Glory bound
All right one more time

Embrace me now as you will then
Erasin' all my doubt within
Take me away

There were no good-byes
I saw the dust fly
Think I'll just try another town
Outside my window my weepin' willow cries
She don't know that I'm Glory bound
Take it home

Glory bound