"If There Were Only Time For Love" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"If There Were Only Time For Love"
(Wayne Moss)

If all you had to do each day
Is wake up and go out to play
Shake the hand of all the world
Especially every boy and girl.
And if the only tears you shed
Were tears of joy upon your bed
That made the sea of your love grow
To flowers for the world to know
And if the world would do the same
Life could have a brand new name
The one we've all been dreaming of
If there were only, only time for love

The problems that you're facing now
Would vanish into air somehow
There'd be no one to bring you harm
You'd walk together arm in arm
And peace would reign across the Earth
And Eve could have her Adams worth
And every man would have a smile
And ladies kisses last a while.
We could take each other's hand
Be the others biggest fan
And sing a song about a dove
If there were only, only time for love

I think Jesus lived and died
So we would not be crucified
And all we really have to do
Is you love me and I love you.
If he should return someday
Pass your door along his way
Come in and sit down a while
And see the beauty in your smile.
Think how very proud you'd be
If love was all there was to see
Just like His Father's house above
Where there is only, only time for love