"If You Can't Find Love" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"If You Can't Find Love"
(Pete McCann)

I don't expect you to remember
I'm just a lover from the distant past
I know it's hard when all that time goes by
In the pale of the players never last.

The love we had wouldn't pass for perfect
And we lost a battle on the way
If you run and hide they used to tell this little boy
You could live to fight another day.

If you can't find love and you're lost and lonely
If you come to me I'll take your hand
If you can't find me just think of the memory
When you dream of love I'll be your man.

I guess I'll never know for certain
If you'll let me stay or if I'll go
All I know is the love I have for is something else
The way I feel is something you should know.

Just think of the memory, (When you dream of love I'll be your man)