"Louisiana Red Dirt Highway" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"Louisiana Red Dirt Highway"
(Vernon Rust)

Pulled out the driveway past an old tar paper shack
Standing at her mail box an old woman waves as I look back
I'm gonna miss my family and I'll need all the letter that they'll send
It's gonna be a long time before I travel down this red dirt road again

Louisiana red dirt highway I've been down a million times
With the tin barns and the pine trees I'm gonna take'em with me in my mind
I'm gonna take'em to the city where a man can make good money so they say
I'm already pretty lonesome and my tires ain't even slung off all the clay

The mud drips would make their own design and they'd zig zag for miles
And the one lane bridge that runs across the creek that I swan in as a child
The sawmill was thirty miles away and my daddy brought it wood
Mama done the cookin' and the cleanin' and taught us what was good