"The Shade" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"The Shade"
(Shane Decker / Troy Jones)

I don't want a fast car, don't need a four lane highway
There's not another place I'd rather be
'Cause out here in the country blue birds sing for nothin'
And the shade comes free with the tree

The tree came with the mountain right beside the river
Where the ground makes one heck of a scene
The mountain counts for somethin', the view is worth a fortune
And the shade comes free with the tree

I never had a dollar that could buy me what I'm feelin'
But I'm feelin' 'bout as good as I can be
I need to be reminded when I'm lookin' for a bargain
Not to overlook what's right in front of me

I'll never make a killin' tryin' to make a livin'
But I make enough to raise a family
I found a piece of heaven off county road eleven
Where the shade comes free with the tree

And honey bring me some sweet iced tea