"My Son" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"My Son"
(John McElroy / Dottie Moore)

My name is Mary, Jesus was my son
I carried Him with a special care
'Cause He was my first one
Wanted Him to be strong and healthy
Have a family of His own
Things a mother want for her child
But in my heart I've always known

That He'd go with His Father
When the glass ran out of sand
So please have patience with me Lord
I'm just a mother trying to understand
Why He sad to carry that weight
With no one else's help
Why He had to be the One
They could not be themselves

He was so many things to so many people
My Son, My Son
Teacher, Prophet, Messiah, King
My Son, My Son

I tried to stop Him
You know I begged Him, "Please don't go"
He put His arms around me
And said, "Mother I love you so"
Nothing left now but silence
And A weight that I can't bear
Please tell Him that I miss Him
Someday I'll see Him there

I felt the nails deep in my hands
And pain in every breath
They took my Son away from me
And the angels said that I'd been blessed