"The Most Inconvenient Christmas" lyrics - THE OAK RIDGE BOYS

"The Most Inconvenient Christmas"
(Kyle Matthews)

Among the bills that I received was a postcard marked "Apology
The Christmas gifts you ordered aren't in stock."
So I packed up the kids for Grandpa's house
Then a blizzard blew in and the car broke down
So, we shared a quart of eggnog at a truck stop

And I said, "Kids, this is unfortunate
You think it's bad? Well it's inconvenient."

But the most inconvenient Christmas ever was
Was the first one, when God came so far to give himself to us
So when the stress hits each December
How it helps me to remember
God is with us most when things just can't get worse
The most inconvenient Christmas ever was, was the first

By the time we got to Grandpa's house
His Christmas lights had burned it down
So we had to take him home to live with us
But he couldn't stand to leave the farm
So now there's cattle in our yard
Sheep on the rug, pigs in the tub, and a rooster at dawn

And I said, "Now honey, this is unfortunate
You think this is bad, well it's inconvenient."

A young girl expects a child she can't explain
Forced to walk a hundred miles just to give birth in the hay
While the king in that same hour
Fearing challenge to his power
Sent his troops to track him down and wipe them out
Yep, hands down...