"Neighborhood Girl" lyrics - THE STATLER BROTHERS

"Neighborhood Girl"
(Don Reid / Harold Reid)

It started about the time she was born
Her rising above the raising of corn
Her Midwestern dream of winning the world
And she was always my neighborhood girl

She made cheerleader and I made the team
I carried her books while she carried her dream
Of magazine covers and Hollywood world
And she was always my neighborhood girl

I went in the Navy when war came along
And cried every time I heard a love song
For as I was sailing half-way 'round the world
I still loved my neighborhood girl

I came home one Christmas on thirty days' leave
The things that I heard I couldn't believe
She still had dreams that were out of this world
But she was now the neighborhood girl

Two wars have come and gone in between
And all of my sons are now in their teens
And I read in the paper she's now left this world
And I cried one last time for my neighborhood girl
My neighborhood girl