"The Last Goodbye" lyrics - THE STATLER BROTHERS

"The Last Goodbye"
(Phil Balsley, Lew DeWitt, Don Reid, Harold Reid)

Afraid her tears might move my mind
I decided to drop her a line
Because where she's concerned
I just ain't strong

I couldn't look her in the eye
And say our last goodbye
I tried it time and time before
But it went wrong

So in this letter she will find
All the things that's on my mind
And I'm sure she'll find the man
To do her right

I know Jim and Bill will be
Happy that she's free
Chances are she'll be booked up
Every night

And see things she'd never see
Tied down to a guy like me
There's a better side of life
She's never known

And I know she'll be alright
Once I'm gone out of her life
She may not
Even realize I'm gone

So I wrote it down this time
And I read it line for line
But it didn't read just like
I meant it to

All the things I meant to say
Came out sounding some other way
All the goodbye's came out
Sounding I love you

All the goodbye's came out
Sounding I love you...