"It's Your World" lyrics - THE TIME

"It's Your World"

Your world. Your world.

Your life is fun and games, but all you do is complain.
About the way you live. You like to take, what do you give?

If you don't work, how will you earn?
Don't like to go to school? You'll never learn.

One thing I know for sure is, baby...

It's your world you're livin' in.
And what you choose to make it, is what it is.
It's your world you're livin' in.
If you don't make it better, nobody else will.

Tell me, what's on your mind? We pay the price, who does the crime?
Growing epidemics, kids born chemically dependent.
Through a lack of education, we have lost a generation.

Living a soap opera, as the world turns.
Feel the crack on your back. Just think, don't be a fool or you'll get burned.

The skillet, the fire. Which one is worse?


Your world - Your world, hihi, yeah hihi. Oh, baby it's...
Your world - Oh yeah. If you don't make it better, nobody's gonna make it better.

When leadership is lacking.
Guess who's to blame - You.
If you don't vote.
Opportunity is elusive.
On trial is destiny.
Only you can change it.
The verdict is still out.

Your world - It's your world, it's your world, oh oh yeah.
Your world - It's your world. If you wanna make it better, baby you can make it better.
Your world - Yeah, uh.
Look out, horns. Wait a minute

Who's world is it?
You're shapin' the world that you're livin' in.
You like to take. What do do give? Who pays the price in the end?
Your life's fun and games, but you still complain.
About the way you live your life. Who's to blame for your demise?
It's your world. It's your world.
Whatcha gonna do with it?
Gonna make it better?

Your world - Mmm hm
Monte Moir - Everybody in the house, sing...
Your world - Yes. Band.

... M.D.?
Who's world?
... It's your world Morris.
Man, you kinda co-stagnant.
... Man, ain't nobody bad like you?
Sugar, superbad.
... Well, let's teach'em who's world it is.
Wait a minute, y'all sing it.

Your world, oh ooh - Yes.
It's your world, oh oh ooh - It's your world, it's your world.
Oh oh ooh - Yeah.
It's your world - Aye.
Oh oh ooh - Everybody.

Your world, oh ooh.
It's your world, oh oh ooh - Sing it...
Your world, oh ooh - Baby.
It's your world - Baby.
Oh oh oh - It's your world, it's your world.