"My Summertime Thang" lyrics - THE TIME

"My Summertime Thang"

Ooh. Aaah.
Ooh. Aaah.
My summertime thang, make me feel alright.
I feel good every night, treat me like a lover would.
And it feel so good.

My summertime thang, dancin' on the floor.
Don't stop, let's do some more. We could have a total ball.
I'm happy once and for all, my summertime thang.

Oooh, ahhho.
I think about you when I'm sleeping.
I think about you when I'm at the mall.
I think about the summer I first met you.
Most of all, I think about the time you met me.

My summertime thang, never lets met down.
Keeps working all year round, this thang is my one desire.
It takes me higher. I said it takes me higher..., higher..., higher.

... Ohhhh.
... Ohhhh.
Ohhhh, summertime.
Said make me feel..., make me feel..., make me feel alright.

... Yo, what's up M.D.?
Meet me at the mall, There's a cutie workin' there you will not believe.
... 10 minutes?
Naw, two.
... Alright, cool.
... Alright, cool, I'll meet you there.

My summertime thang, make me feel alright.
Uh, I feel good every night. Higher..., higher..., higher.

Jimmy Jam? No Jimmy Jam, I...
Naw, no, that... Naw, I need some fire.
I got burned. Got to cook with gas.

... What about Teflon, man? What do ya... what do ya feel about that?
No, it's got to be cast iron skillet.
... Cast?
To be cast iron skillet.
... Cast iron?
... Too many cooks in the kitchen.
... What?
... That don't know how to cook it right.
... Hold it. We already did that, we already did that. Wait a minute now.
Naw, I like that.
... Naw man, we already did that baby.
... Find Jerome a girl or somethin' man. Get him outta here.
Give Jerome my girl.

Make it funky, da da da...

Wawk! Hallelujah! Whooa!
What time is it?
What time is it?

'Bout time to go.
My summertime thang.
My summertime thang. - Please don't go!
My summertime thang.